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Fast'n Go

The First Single-Layer Multi-Component Hybrid Bandaging System

Designed specifically for self-bandaging and homecare. Fast'n Go is setting the new gold standard in lymphedema care, providing therapists with an unparalleled tool to enhance treatment efficacy and patient satisfaction. It's revolutionizing the approach to managing lymphedema, making it an essential asset for therapists dedicated to offering the best in patient care.

This patented hybrid technology combines the efficacy of inelastic bandages with the safety of long stretch bandages. Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages though advanced are comfortable and user-friendly.

They are a cutting-edge solution in lymphedema management, blending efficacy with ease of use.

These bandages are specially designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals with lymphedema, offering a comfortable, practical, and effective way to manage swelling.

Refund Policy and Product Design Explanation

Important Notice Regarding Our Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages:

Our Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages are expertly designed to support and manage limb size reduction effectively. Over time, you may notice that the bandages become looser. Please understand that this is intentional and indicates successful reduction in limb size, a sign that the bandages are performing as intended.
Due to the nature of our products and their therapeutic use, we do not offer refunds if the bandages loosen over time. This loosening is a result of effective compression therapy and the natural progress of reducing limb swelling.

Before making a purchase, please ensure you consult our sizing guide to select the correct size. We do not offer refunds for orders with incorrect sizing. However, we accept returns and exchanges for such items.

To initiate an exchange, please return the original item to us. Once your return is received, you can place a new order for the correct item. Upon processing the return, we will issue a refund for the original purchase amount, less a 25% restocking fee.

For assistance, please contact us at (877) 761-4272 or email

Thank you for choosing Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages for your lymphedema management needs.

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